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Being an avid heavy weight lifter and working extreme hours outside in the elements as a diesel mechanic my body is constantly under stress and all around, pretty banged up. When I first went to Dr. Jeff it was due to an injury I sustained while lifting weights. A testament to how important form is when using 350+lbs of weight...I was tired from work, but still pushed myself to keep up with my lifting routine. Something made a noise in my back and while the pain didn't set in until later that night, I knew I was in trouble. I spent 2 days in agonizing pain, not being able to sit, stand, lay, etc. Going to a regular practitioner was never an option for me, as I know they would offer me drugs and tell me to rest, which is not a solution in my mind. I had heard good things about chiropractic and decided to do some research. When doing my research the first thing I noticed was that the overall consensus for a good chiropractor was that he studied under Dr. Gonstead. I found Dr. Jeff, saw he had done so and made an appointment.
The office was very pleasant, people where so friendly and it had a very nice overall vibration to it. When first meeting Dr. Jeff in the back room to state my discomfort, he was extremely personable. You could tell immediately that he really did care about fixing you, and was genuinely interested in your life. After my first adjustment I was already feeling better. It took quite a few trips back to get back to normal, but I did get back to normal and felt great. With each trip I would pick Dr. Jeff's brain and he was always willing to answer any questions I had. Any ailment that I might have had, he and I would brainstorm together and try different options to get back to optimal health. Every trip down to his office, I would leave feeling great. Both from the tremendous job he does, but also because of the positive vibration he gives off.

I've suffered a few other injuries while seeing Dr. Jeff and I never became worried about any of them. I just had to get down there, let Dr. Jeff make some adjustments on me and I could go back home feeling the recovery setting in, knowing that I wouldn't have to miss any down time at work. I really can't say enough nice things about the guy, he truly wants to help people and make people feel good, and that's a wonderful thing. He is also constantly educating himself which is something I admire. While I have since moved and continue to receive chiropractic care from another chiropractor, it is because of the experience with Dr. Jeff that I do so. I still keep in contact with him on occasion and I feel welcomed to stop in for an adjustment if I am ever in the area again, which is such a great gesture.

Chris Kaminsky - Pohatcong Tonwnship, New Jersey

To Whom It May Concern: In the summer of 2007, I developed a foot-drop in my left leg.About ten years prior to this, I had suffered a severe bout of sciatica in my left leg, and an MRI at that time with a herniated L5-S1 disc with nerve root compression on the left.The sciatica eventually cleared on its own after about six months.

With the onset of the foot drop, I decided to seek the help of Dr. Jeff Ben-Ezra, a chiropractor to whom I had referred many of my patients.

Dr. Ben-Ezra treated me with a series of adjustments and other modalities designed to relieve the nerve compression and restore strength to the muscles of my left lower leg.Starting with the very first session, I began to show better and better function with each treatment.After a total of about eight or ten treatments, my foot drop had disappeared completely, and has not returned since then.

Without Dr. Ben-Ezra's help, I'm sure my problem would have worsened, and possibly would have left me with no other alternative but surgical nerve root decompression.

Sincerely, Vincent Catanese, M.D.
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Dr. Ben-Ezra – A Life Changer My wife, oldest daughter – 13 years old - and I have been going to Dr. Ben-Ezra (Dr. B. as he is known) for almost 6 months after being introduced by a friend.We had originally gone to see him for guidance from a nutritional perspective.After seeing great results with our friend, we decided to check it out for ourselves.My oldest daughter is a competitive gymnast and was beginning to have weight issues and controlling it.We thought this would be a great place to start. Dr. B impressed us from the start.He immediately began to talk to our daughter as an adult and began to explain how he was going to help and more importantly, how she was going to help herself.Not once did he focus on weight or losing weight; his entire focus was on being healthy and that the natural results of being healthy would give her the outcome that she desired.However, we soon realized that this was something she could not do alone.With that, we began the journey of being healthy with her. Now, as many may realize making an immediate and abrupt life-changing event is not easy; especially when you factor in work and home life.This was especially difficult as our two other younger children would be affected by whatever decisions and path we chose.Dr. B is a great motivator and coach, he communicates on a daily basis and praises hard work and lets you know when you’re not totally focused; this is a man who genuinely cares about his patients.He has helped us completely change the way we live from a health perspective and the results are astounding.Our daughter is back to competitive from and my wife and I are healthier and lighter than we were in college.Our other two children have gotten into the groove as well because of the way we approach our health.The long term prospects are what this is all about – it’s not about what can I do today or tomorrow, but rather what can I do from now on. What is so special is that his focus is non-gimmicky and not based on the latest fad.It is common sense, it’s personal, it’s about you – not about a chart or a statistic.His advice and practices are clear cut and when you hear it, everything just clicks and makes sense.You walk out thinking “that’s the message I’ve been waiting to hear”. Oh, and by the way, he’s a great Chiropractor too.Up until last month, I’ve never been adjusted in my 43 years of life.Going to work one morning I did something that everyone has probably done – moved or twisted in a way that just caused my back and shoulder area be in the most excruciating pain.I was seeing stars, couldn’t move, everything just hurt.I had to turn around from my morning commute and go home.Not knowing what to do, my wife called Dr. B and asked for help.He took me in his office the minute I got off the train and within 30 minutes had me back on my feet and able to function – two more visits after that and it was like it never happened.I wasn’t necessarily a non-believer in being adjusted before, but I am totally a believer now. Everyone has their own story about Dr. B but the impact he has had on me and my family will be felt and shown for the rest of our lives.

Robert Haddad.Hazlet, NJ
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To Whom It May Concern:

Before we met Dr. Jeffrey Ben-Ezra, we did not know very much about chiropractic care. I think we assumed people only went to chiropractors for back pain. But, after becoming patients of Dr. Ben-Ezra, we learned just how far chiropractic care extended and we developed a whole new perspective on caring for our health and well-being.

To be honest, I remember being a little nervous at our first visit. Actually, probably more than a little bit. That had nothing to do with Dr. Ben-Ezra. It’s just that when my wife and I grew up, if you weren’t healthy, you went to a medical doctor. In that context, visiting a chiropractor seemed kind of radical and getting an adjustment sort of risky. Hence, we felt a little anxious. But, those feelings dissipated almost instantaneously because the positive effects of Dr. Ben-Ezra’s adjustments were immediate.

We developed such trust in Dr. Ben-Ezra that we were completely comfortable having him adjust our children from the time they were newborns. We learned from Dr. Ben-Ezra that the birth process alone can lead to spinal subluxations. As a case in point, our son Geoffrey had severe eczema as an infant. Our pediatrician prescribed cortisone cream, but it’s repeated application resulted in no improvement. When we approached Dr. Ben-Ezra about the same condition, he explained that a few gentle adjustments would enable our son's body to produce it's own cortisone. Within a week or two of receiving regular adjustments, the dry, cracked, dark-scabbed patches on his hands and arms cleared beautifully, and his pronounced eczema was a distant memory.

At this point, the seemingly miraculous transformations of our medical conditions have become our expected outcomes. Whether we are discussing the rapid and complete recovery from sports injuries, the increased range of motion from work-related ailments, or the maintenance of our strength and flexibility, we put our complete trust in Dr. Ben-Ezra. Not only is he an exceptional chiropractor, but he is a kind and caring man with a gift for explaining his profession. We owe a great debt to Dr. Ben-Ezra. He keeps us in good health!

Take care,

Jennifer and Robb

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